Section properties for 2L3X2X0.375X0.375SLBB

Structural sectional properties for a 2L3X2X0.375X0.375SLBB standard steel section

steel section diagram
Shape Category / DesignationType2L
Section NameName2L3X2X0.375X0.375SLBB
Cross Sectional AreaA3.5 in2
Section Widthb3 in
Section Depthd2 in
Flange thicknesstf0.375 in
Web thicknesstw0.375 in
Radius of Gyration about X-Xrx0.555 in
Radius of Gyrations about Y-Yry1.54 in
Moment of Inertia about X-XIx1.08 in4
Moment of Intertia about Y-YIy8.3 in4
Elastic Section Modulus about X-XSx0.736 in3
Elastic Section Modulus about Y-YSy2.6 in3
Plastic Section Modulus about X-XZx1.36 in3
Plastic Section Modulus about Y-YZy4.26 in3
Self Weight of section per footWeight11.8 lb/ft

A 2L3X2X0.375X0.375SLBB steel section is a standard North American steel section in the 2L - Doubled Angles category. It weighs 11.8 lb/ft and has a cross sectional area of 3.5 in2. The height and width of the section are 2 in and 3 in respectively.

The section has a tensile yield capacity of:


The section has a flexural plastic moment capacity of:


The section has a flexural elastic moment capacity of: