Calcs.app is a collection of calculators for structural engineers.


My goal for Calcs.app is to create a variety of useful tools which help you analyze, design, and check structures easily. Some of the guiding principles which I try to follow include:

  1. Focusing on common calculations and references to speed up the task of designing/checking structures.
  2. Leaving the complicated stuff to more capable tools (ie SAP, ETABS, etc.)
  3. Showing calculation steps so you can follow along and independantly verify assumptions and outputs.
  4. Presenting the tools in a printable format, ready for your design notes. In the user interface, each tool is shown on a card which resembles a piece of paper. When you print the page, I strip away all the clutter to give a clean calculation output.

Tools I use:

  • React for the overall web app framework
  • Tailwind css for the (admitably lacking) styling and layout
  • Math.js for solving equations and generating tex strings
  • Katex for pretty-printing tex strings
  • Plotly for charts and plotting

Terms of use:

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